About us

FOB, the facade business from the middle of Burgenland in Austria affects the look of an urban skyline of several cities. The company started out in 2000 as a team of five. The corporation has kept on growing since and multiplied its staff by five and its office space by twenty.

After several years of growing we opened our new headquarter “Am Rehgraben” in Steinberg-Dörfl which was designed as “Living Office” for us by the Architects “heri and sali”. Additional we decorated the skyline at this place too.


The concept of the company. With attention to detail.

FOB is based on 3 pillars which symbolise the functions from the face: designing, consulting & engineering – such as ear, eye & mouth – our most important senses.



accompanied the project phase and cares for the successful planning of a project. That requires good listening during the duration of the project. The ear is a symbol for the successful cooperation.



requires an overview of the big picture and watches over all the details. This means a more open eye for scale faithful pre-dimensioning and executing work planning in the connection.



is work planning to end production. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. A mounting, fits up into the smallest particles. A strong voice for the implementation of the project, typified by a mouth.

Our Team

FOB created the excellent execution & work plans for manufacturing companies to the finishing line. That goes down to the smallest detail and monitored the work planning to installation on site. FOB is working for individual clients as well as for general entrepreneur.